The Candidate

What is a Libertarian?

Simply put: Libertarians took the best qualities from Republicans and Democrats and discarded the rest.

See the Venn Diagram below.


Why are your running?

I am running for Congress because I feel that the current members of Congress are too busy shutting each other down instead of listening to each other and having a healthy dialogue.

Republicans refuse to listen to Democrats simply because they are not Republicans.

Democrats refuse to listen to Republicans simply because they are not Democrats.

It is time to have someone in office who is focusing more on helping our country as a whole rather than focusing on party platform.

I feel that Republicans and Democrats both have some very good ideas…and some very bad ideas.

The key is hearing each other out and deciding which ones make sense for the whole and not just the political party.

“I will unite with anybody to do right and with nobody to do wrong.” ~ Frederick Douglass

What makes you different?

The thing that makes me different from other candidates is that I am not a career politician nor do I plan to become one.

I feel that there should not even be such a thing as a career politician.

I am not a wealthy person either. Many of our legislatures either were millionaires before they ran for office or somehow became millionaires while in office. I know what it is like to struggle financially.

I know what it is like to live from paycheck to paycheck. Having to force yourself to work every day when you are sick simply because you can’t afford missing one hour of work on your paycheck.

My father worked two and three jobs to keep our family fed and cared for by our mother. The era of a single income family is long gone and needs to be addressed by our legislators.