The Issues


Working in the educational assessment field, Anthony has firsthand access to the results our current educational system is producing. He feels that we need to fix our current educational system before even thinking of providing tuition free college.

“Since 2004, I have seen the quality of education slowly going down.

We may be graduating more students than ever before, but the quality of their education is greatly lacking.

As an adjunct professor at a community college, my father taught reading to high school graduates entering college who didn’t know how to read.

A hundred years ago, only about 30% of the U.S. population had a high school diploma.

However, in order to earn that high school diploma, you had to know reading, writing, arithmetic, science, history, government PLUS a working knowledge of Latin and Greek (The two languages that form the foundation of English).

We may have more high school graduates in numbers, but the quality of their education is inferior.

It is time to repeal No Child Left Behind and stop appealing to the lowest common denominator for the sake of being able to pat ourselves on the back and say, ‘Look how many more kids we are graduating from high school these days.'”

~ Anthony Cristo 

Term Limits

Anthony Supports term limits for all members of Congress. Career politicians are hurting our progress.

“The United States enacted term limits for the president with passage of the 22nd Amendment in 1947. It did not take affect until the states ratified this amendment in February of 1951. The purpose of this Amendment was so that one man could not hold power too long.

However, the 22nd Amendment does not apply to members of Congress.

There are currently members of the House and Senate that have held their position as long as 36 to 44 years.

These members of Congress have ensconced themselves into niches of power and will not yield it on their own volition.

I propose limiting members of the House of Representatives to no more than four 2-year terms and members of the Senate to no more than two 6-year terms. 

This will reduce the control of any one person in a position of power and allow for fresh and new ideas to be brought into our Legislature.”

~ Anthony Cristo

Supporting Our Military

As a veteran, Anthony supports our military and our veterans.

“Seeing what our men and women do in the armed forces has instilled in me a profound respect for them.

Though my grandfather was born in Monterey, Mexico, he served in the U.S. Army during WWII. My father was in the Infantry just before the Vietnam War. My oldest brother served in the 1st Cavalry tank division during Operation Desert Storm. My baby brother was a nuclear engineer for the Navy…and I was a Corpsman for the Navy / Marine Corps Reserves.

Military service is in my family blood.

However, as a Congressman, I would do my best to avoid war. I do recognize that there are some people in this world who cannot be reasoned with and at times war is the only option.

Recently, I was diagnosed with a PTSD disability by the Veterans Administration.

Being among other disabled veterans who are far worse off than I am, I recognize the need to improve our current system. These men and women are greatly affected in various ways during war.

~ Anthony Cristo

2nd Amendment Restrictions

Anthony supports keeping the 2nd Amendment as it currently exists.

“The 2nd Amendment was written into the Constitution because we had just gained our Independence from a country through the use of force.

The colonists had become dissatisfied with the manner they were treated by England. When diplomatic solutions were tried and failed, the Declaration of Independence was signed. In essence, the colonists rebelled against the crown and had to prepare themselves against forceful efforts by England to place them back in line.

Though we have not had a successful rebellion since the Civil War (which was squashed 4 years later) we must keep in mind that the right to keep and bear arms is in place should our government try to control and oppress us.

Mass shooting tragedies are a sad verity of our current world, but it is more indicative of a failed mental health evaluation system than an abuse of weapons.

If someone is crazy enough to desire inflicting copious amounts of damage on a group of people, they will find a way. 

The Boston Marathon bombers used pressure cookers. Some have even used cars to mow people down. If one was inclined they can go into a local store and come out with enough over the counter cleaning products that they can use to create explosives, toxic gas, or a myriad of other destructive devices.

Outlawing guns will only affect those who obey the law. Those who do not obey the law, will obtain them another way.

If outlawing things meant we would never see them in our environment, then we would not have people using illegal drugs.”

~ Anthony Cristo

Increasing the Minimum Wage

Anthony does not support increasing the minimum wage.

“Raising the minimum wage does nothing to close the income inequality gap in our country.

All that this would do is force small businesses who barely keep their head above water to pay more than what they can afford which will cause them to either lay off workers or close down and let the big corporate entities monopolize the market.

Currently, we have CEO’s of some companies making up to $500 million a year in salary and stock options. Meanwhile, their average employee maybe makes $50 thousand a year.

This means that the CEO is making 10,000 times as much money as his average employee.

To put this in perspective, if you make $50,000 a year it would take you 10,000 years to earn what he did in only one.

If you had been getting paid $50,000 a year since the great pyramids of Giza started construction in 2550 BC, you still would not even be halfway to what that CEO made in one year to this day.

Do CEO’s really deserve that much money? Are they doing 10,000 times the work? 

If you think making $15 an hour for flipping burgers is going to narrow this gap, you are delusional at best.

I initially thought that creating a Federal Maximum Wage was the answer.

It would operate on a sliding scale where the difference between the highest paid employee and the lowest paid employee can not be more than 50 times their salary. A similar structure is practiced in Japan. This is why the average Japanese worker has far more disposable income than the average American worker.

As a Libertarian, we do not believe in legislating people into posterity.

I would, however, encourage citizens to change this verity of our society by boycotting businesses that grossly under pay their employees while grossly overpaying their CEO and board members.”

~ Anthony Cristo

Marijuana Legalization

Anthony supports ending the prohibition of marijuana through legalization.

“This is something that is long overdue.

We spend nearly $10 billion a year in tax money on the War on Drugs.

Just like the Prohibition of Alcohol in the early 20th century, this was a failed experiment.

If there is a demand for something, there will always be people meeting that demand.

During Prohibition, bootleggers broke the law to meet the demand from the public. This resulted in organized crime factions to earn millions of dollars in tax-free income. Violence was on the streets as rival gangs fought for control of the street market.

Once Prohibition ended, the violence ended and taxing of the product begun.

By legalizing marijuana, we will end the bloodshed between drug dealers trying to maintain a stronghold in neighborhoods. We can also tax the product and use it to lower our general income tax burden.

Some may argue that this is a bad move. That this will create a society of drug addicts. It won’t.

Not everyone who drinks alcohol is an alcoholic. Just like not everyone who uses drugs is a drug addict.

By legalizing we will immediately save $10 billion a year not fighting the drug war. By taxing it, we can more than likely generate an additional $10 billion a year in tax revenue.

Abraham Lincoln said it best when he said, ‘The best way to vanquish your enemy is to make them your friend.’ 

It is time to make marijuana our friend. Legaiize it. Tax it.”

~ Anthony Cristo


As a Libertarian, Anthony supports the right of women to choose what they can do with their own body.

“I have known many women throughout my life who chose to terminate pregnancies for various reasons.

Every single one of these women felt some remorse for their decision.

It is not an easy decision for anyone to make.

I would encourage women in unwanted pregnancies to strongly consider other options such as adoption.

There are many childless couples who would love and care for that child deeply.

At the same time, it should not be so difficult for loving couples to adopt a child.

The fact that abortion is cheaper than adoption is something I hope to change.

I do not support making an already difficult decision more difficult for women by legislating what they can and can not do with their body.

I have a plan that would allow childless couples to place an unwed mother dealing with an unplanned pregnance under their health insurance for pre-natal, delivery, and post-natal care.

This will help the woman with her medical needs while pregnant and give the adopting parents piece of mine that their future child has the proper pre-natal care before birth.

It’s a win for the unwed mother, the childless couple, and the child.”

~Anthony Cristo

The Wall with Mexico

Anthony opposes building a wall with Mexico.

His paternal grandfather was born in Mexico. As a result, Anthony is a 2nd generation American.

“Most people who enter the U.S. from Mexico, aren’t even Mexican. They come from all over Central America to escape war, poverty, and oppression.

Do you honestly think someone who walked 800 – 1200 miles from Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador or some other unstable country is going to look at the wall then turn around and head back? I don’t think so.

The wall is a waste of time and money. Money that could and should be used to help our country in other ways.”

~ Anthony Cristo

Improving Infrastructure

Anthony supports improving the infrastructure of our country.

“There is a far greater need to improve the infrastructure of our country than there ever will be to build a wall along the Mexican border.

Every year we see flooding on the East coast from heavy rains, tropical storms, and hurricanes.

This catastrophic flooding causes billions of dollars in damage, loss of human life, and hinders our commerce.

Meanwhile, on the West coast we see wild fires roaring in various areas.

These fires also cause billions of dollars in damage, loss of human life, and hinders our commerce.

What I propose is creating an Interstate Irrigation System.

The Romans had the aqueducts 2,000 years ago to distribute water across their empire. There is no logical reason why the United States can’t do the same in this modern age.

We have advanced satellite imagery of the flood zones and wild fire regions. Our building materials are far superior than any in history. By creating catchment areas in the flood zones and have a distribution system going from East to West, the United States will address and remedy two problems plaguing us for decades.

Not to mention, we have a large number of Veterans who spent the last 15 years rebuilding Iraq and Afghanistan. This will allow them the opportunity to transition to civilian life and give them a continued sense of accomplishment and pride.

It will also stimulate the economy  as the workers build across the country. They will need places to eat, sleep, relax, and let loose while they build. Constructing such a massive undertaking will bring revenue to remote rural towns and countrysides for quite a few years.

Ultimately, this Interstate Irrigation System will save billions of dollars in damage, bring water to where it needs it the most, alleviate the burden of floods, and save human lives that are lost annually to floods and wildfires.”

~ Anthony Cristo