Gracious in Defeat

I’m sure this comes as no surprise but I did not win the Congressional seat I ran for.

I am quite proud of the campaign I won even though I wound up with a mere 1.6% of the vote. The obstacles I faced and handicaps I had going into the campaign never deterred me and that is something most people would not do.

It takes a special person to run for office as a dark horse candidate with money and media stacked against you. You have to have the courage of a person facing off against a giant bear with a pocketknife to save the people.

Was it worth it? Yes.

The bear may have won yet again, but I survived and I will fight again.

This website will be shutting down in the next three weeks. Please, do not send anymore campaign contributions.

Midterm Elections 2018

Today IS Election Day across the nation. Of course, I would like everyone to vote for me and other Libertarian Party candidates. However, I sincerely want everyone to vote for whomever they feel most comfortable with.

I feel our current state of government is a direct result of voting for “the lesser of two evils” for generations. Rather than continuing down this path, I encourage you to vote for the candidate you most closely believe shares your view of this country.

You do not “have to” vote for all places. You can write-in or simply abstain from voting if you are dissatisfied with the choices.

Thank you for all of your support and whomever wins, I hope our country can get back on track.

Outrage from the Status Quo





A friend created this meme after someone mowed down my and other Libertarians campaign yard signs.

Just goes to show how resistant to change some people are in this world. #EndTwoPartyRule, #CristoForCongress, #CreoEnCristo

Two Days Until Main Election

With only two days left until the November 6th voting day, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all the support I have received from you.

I have ran an open and honest campaign and will be proud of that fact regardless of the outcome.

I have encountered some websites that chose to take some of my stances on the issues out of context to make me look less favorable among some voters. There have been people deliberately removing my campaign signs and even demanding the removal of them from particular areas. However, I still feel my efforts were well worth it.

All this shows me is that there are people who genuinely fear a third party option because they know their political party is losing favor with the people as a whole.

I encourage all registered voters who NEVER vote because you can’t stand the two-party candidates to go out and vote Libertarian and validate their fears.

It is time to #EndTwoPartyRule amd #VoteGold this midterm election.

Sample Ballot

Early voting is continuing until next Friday November 2nd. Election Day is officially on Tuesday November 6th.  This is where you can find me on the ballot in TX-15. Vote Gold and #EndTwoPartyRule

Still Chugging Along

With early voting beginning tomorrow, I still have much to do the next two weeks. Much of it involves driving the 270 miles across my district. I definitely do not splurge, unless you count bologna sandwiches as a luxury, so I am going to ask again for any contributions to help me get my name out there. Again, ANYTHING will help so please, give if you can.

The Home Stretch

The election is less than 4 weeks away and my campaign coffers are anemic. I still have a lot of campaigning to do as the election draws closer so please contribute whatever you can to help me get to the campaign events I need to attend. I just need the gas money for the car to make it to these stops so even a little means a lot.

You can contribute at…

Thank you so much for your support and let us #EndTwoPartyRule

Balancing the Budget – A Libertarian POV

Balancing the Budget

by Anthony Cristo

    By now you have been made well aware of the Libertarian stances on gun-control (against) and ending the drug war (immediately).

    However, we advocate more than these two issues.

    One of the main things Libertarians support is reeling in Government Finance and Spending.

Libertarian Party Platform 2.4 Government Finance and Spending:

“All persons are entitled to KEEP the fruits of their labor. We call for repeal of the income tax, the abolishment of the Internal Revenue Service and all federal programs and services NOT required under the U.S. Constitution. We oppose any legal requirements forcing employers to serve as tax collectors.

Government should not incur debt, which burdens future generations without their consent. We support the passage of a ‘Balanced Budget Amendment’ to the U.S. Constitution, provided that the budget is balanced exclusively by cutting expenditures, and NOT by raising taxes.”

    Allow me to break this down to show how we will apply this principle as our government currently stands.

    Due to the current $21.6 trillion debt incurred under Republican and Democrat control, Libertarians running for office recognize that eliminating income tax or the IRS will not happen anytime soon.

    We recognize that we have to work within the current system to eliminate the current system.

    Once the debt IS eliminated, the need for these institutions will also be eliminated.

    You WILL be able to keep the fruits of your labor AND your employer will no longer serve as a tax collector for the government.

    How will we do this?

    We can accomplish this by implementing the second half of our party platform, passing a “Balanced Budget Amendment” to the U.S. Constitution.

    Other parties claimed to have supported this in the past, but after realizing the cost of all the unnecessary programs they wish to enact they realize it is not practical.

    That is why Libertarians included the caveat that, “the budget is balanced exclusively by cutting expenditures, and NOT by raising taxes.”

    We genuinely want to eliminate all the programs that drain our tax dollars unnecessarily and only benefit a few and not the whole of our country.

    Many of our other party platform ideals would make this a reality.

    Ending the war on drugs alone would pay down our debt by $100 billion a year. In ten years, that is $1 trillion in debt wiped away.

    Ending the wars abroad would pay down our debt by $45 billion a year from Afghanistan alone according to the Pentagon’s own numbers.

    According to the Ivy League school, Brown University, the entire post 9-11 cost will hit $5.6 trillion by the end of this year.       

   Taliban? Out. Saddam Hussein? Out. Our U.S. forces? Still there AND also in the Horn of Africa and Syria as our “war on terror” continues.

    For me, seeing the cost in human life alone is enough for me to want our troops home.

    For others, it is their pocketbook.

    I strongly encourage everyone to put an end to the two-party oligarchy that has plagued the U.S. for generations.

    The current state of our government now is a direct result of people choosing to vote for “the lesser of two evils.”

    Whether you vote Libertarian, Green, Constitution, or Independent, we must stop this cycle now.

    Those of you who do not vote actually outnumber those that do.

    Throw a monkey wrench into the system and vote third-party this election and you WILL make a difference.